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Which work meets which criteria? A Guide...

P1 explain the purpose of different document types

This can be completed by using the grid, ticking which elements you would expect to find in each type of document. Alternatively, list different types of document and write a bit about what they would contain and who they were most likely to be meant for.

P2 describe the features of applications which make them suitable for presenting and communicating information 

Your comparison of 4 different ways to make a leaflet will cover this.

P3 produce documents that meet the needs of defined audiences

Your Alice In Wonderland documents - in different sizes and methods of presentation 

P4 use tools and techniques to enhance the presentation of information

Your Alice In Wonderland booklet and Flight To Evzoni document with illustrations, effects and added features

P5 carry out a document review.

Write about how you checked your Alice In Wonderland or Flight To Evzoni completed document. You will have made some errors in the first draft and had to correct them - note what you had to change and why.

M1 create a document template for a given requirement 

The Alice In Wonderland task included saving the document as a template. A screen print of the Save as.. template process and of your folder showing its document type + a print of the empty template document (showing just the required bits as instructed) will cover this.

M2 use advanced formatting tools and techniques to enhance the presentation of information 

Your Alice In Wonderland and Flight To Evzoni tasks will cover this if you included the more advanced changes required to layout and image wrapping.

M3 adjust a document following user feedback.

In Flight To Evzoni you will have been asked to make changes to your first draft. List what the changes were and show you made them in a revised version.

D1 demonstrate use of appropriate language and layout in documents 

The Alice In Wonderland Poster task was intended to appeal to children by the use of design features and extracts of text presented suitably. The task also asked you to create an Invoice for your 'work' in editing the document (suitable for presenting to a client).

D2 create a complex document that combines textual, numerical and graphical information appropriate for a defined audience

The evidence for this could be the PDF document containing the above two documents - remembering to edit the Invoice first - and the chart. This is a 3-page document like the one illustrated below which is A4 landscape, that being the most suitable in this sample. Yours may be a different size or orientation.

Add some explanation of how you created each item and merged them for the PDF, including applications used.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Assignment 3: Flight to Evzoni [sample]

Assignment 3: Flight to Evzoni [text file]

[Below is the text for the design task in Assignment 3 ]
The little plane seemed to hover momentarily and almost flutter its wings like a kestrel before descending onto the old road beside the motorway on the Greek side of the border just north of Evzoni. Still warm but beginning to darken, there were few vehicles waiting. The noisy cicadas in the trees around them replaced a smooth landing and the whirr of the engines. Maria unfastened her safety harness and climbed out. Chris followed her rather clumsily. They strolled across the scrubby grass and on to the motorway. Its rough concrete surface was a yellowish grey, cracked with weeds peeping through. It showed no sign of wear, being a virtually stretch running through a half-finished gantry where bare brick shelters stood guard at a toll station that had yet to take its first drachma or dinar. Built in some more prosperous time and left when funds ran out, traffic continued to accumulate as it filtered through the dirty greys and blues of the old Customs post.
 A '62 Citroen DS model slumped nearby, tyres flat and body covered with dust and grime. Behind it a tired Volkswagen beetle perched on a trailer behind an old Datsun pick-up. These, and dozens like them, were all the victims of the tight controls on vehicle import and export. The best would have been auctioned long ago or purchased by one of the officers' friends or family. A family of French tourists sat glumly waiting for their turn to be checked, watching the car in front being virtually stripped as two hapless travellers were made to prove they were not carrying anything they shouldn't be.
 A Greek driver shouted impatiently at someone. He received a one-fingered reply and sat back silent. Strangely, huge lorries of questionable vintage lumbered through almost unnoticed. Maria went straight into the corridor-like offices of the Customs Control and approached the desk of the officer in charge. A man of about thirty-five, he wore a short-sleeved, white cotton shirt with a buttoned pocket on the right. His desk was covered in papers - a shambles of forms in triplicate and more, loosely clipped or held in ragged, brown card files. A variety of rubber stamps lay on their sides near his right hand. Two packets of Papistratos cigarettes rested on another set of papers. He stubbed out a cigarette as she reached the desk.
[© Andrew Hill 2012 All rights reserved ]

Assignment 3: Flight to Evzoni [Brief]

Brief for Flight to Evzoni
Produce an attractive display of an extract from a novel Flight to Evzoni

1. You will be provided with a text file called customs. This contains three paragraphs of a novel. Alternatively, you may be asked to obtain this by scanning a printed version or copying from the internet. Save the file as customs1 so that you will not risk changing the original file.

2. Each paragraph should have a heading – use these three:

Customs control | The car park | Papers

3. Add a main heading at the beginning of the document (but not in a header): Evzoni

4. Select a suitable serif font for the main text between size 10 and 12

5. Select a suitable font for the main heading Evzoni and three paragraph headings. The main heading should be larger than the size used for the other three

6. Change the page layout so that the left and right margins are 2” (or 5cm) a top margin of 2” (5cm) and a bottom margin 3” (7 ½ cm). Set the gutter to ½“ (1cm) and justify the main text.

7. Insert a page break at the beginning of the document to create a new first page. On this page place the text Flight to Evzoni in a large and attractive font suitable for a cover page.

8. In a header for all pages, except the first, enter the same title Flight to Evzoni (in a smaller but same style font as the title page) and also a page number in a plain, contrasting font next to that. There should be no page number on the first page and the numbering on the second sheet should start at 1.

9. Put your name and the date in a footer, using a smaller font than the main document text. This should not appear on the first page.

10. Add appropriate images to the front page and to each paragraph. You can choose the type and style of image but they should relate to the text and the three in the main text should have a consistent theme, size or layout.

11. The finished document should be no more than 4 pages and there should be no sections of text less than three full length lines at the top or bottom of the main text pages.

12. All content, including images should be contained within the margins when printed. Save the file in an original (editable) format and in PDF format, both named customs2.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Instructions for December World Events task

Presenting Information
Task sheet

You will be provided with a list of some events, with brief descriptions, taking place around the world during December. You may know of some more and may like to include those too or share them with colleagues.

1. Consider ways to make this list more attractive and so more likely to be read and have some impact. Find a more suitable graphic or image to accompany or illustrate the events that you feature in your display. The text provided needs to be included somewhere in your document or publication to describe each event in brief.

2. Choose any application that you wish to utilise for this purpose. Here are some possible displays:

  • A calendar page using a table with illustrations 
  • A spreadsheet or presentation slide with links that take viewers to another sheet or slide with more information 
  • A blog with an entry for each event 
  • A more attractive text and image document or leaflet (eg Word, Publisher or Serif PagePlus) 
  • An A4 poster (eg using Serif DrawPlus) 

3. Where possible, add links to web sites with more information in addition to the brief description provided on your sheet. This could simply be a link to the site where you obtained your image. A note of where each image’s original location should be kept and this information either incorporated in the main document or publication itself or as supplementary notes.

For the purpose of the first part of this task, it will be acceptable to use images that are not licensed for commercial use or re-use except where you are including them in a blog or a web site or storing them (or the publication) on-line.

4. As an extension to this task you could consider revising your draft publication to be suitable for distribution or publishing on-line.

This would necessitate using only images for which you are confident an appropriately license applies (or for which you have permission to use).

Replace images accordingly, including revised notes of where the replacements have been obtained.

Sample output:
An attractive display of World Events in December

A list of images sources

A revised display suitable for general distribution or publication on-line

A revised list of image sources

December events

Here are some events happening around the world in December. Your task is to create an attractive display of these, using images and setting out the text to get people’s interest.

Where Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
What The city will be decked out in shades of red, white and green as the United Arab Emirates marks its 40th National Day. Expect flags and fireworks galore.
When 2 December

Where Paternoster, South Africa
What Feast on shellfish as the West Coast village holds its Crayfish and Seafood Festival. There will be a beer garden, plus lots of arts and crafts stalls.
When 3-4 December

Where Angkor Wat, Cambodia
What The speediest way of seeing the World Heritage Site is the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon: the route takes competitors past temples and through jungle to raise money for landmine victims.
When 4 December

Where Jodhpur, India
What As part of the international British Polo Day, a series of chukkas will be taking place at Maharaja of Jodhpur's Private Polo Club, including the famous Cavalry v Guards elephant polo match. The event culminates with a gala dinner.
When 10-11 December

Where Alyeska, Alaska
What To celebrate the winter solstice, the Alaskan ski resort of Alyeska lights up during its annual Winter Solfest event. Visitors can warm up with bonfires, food, live performances, and ski and snowboarding events. See
When 17-19 December

Where Moscow, Russia
What Wrap up warm and enjoy a troika ride or listen to folk bands perform in Izmailovo Park during Moscow's Winter Festival.
When 26 Dec-8 Jan

Add any more (End of term??!) that you may know about.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Dexcember World Events [sample images]

Abu Dhabi

crayfish and lobster

Running in the half-marathon in Angor Wat

Polo in India

Winter Solfest logo



[Note: None of these images are licensed for commercial use]